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Welcome to the newest site dedicated to exposing the democratic scandal that closely ties with Enrongate. The Global Crossing scandal has been virtually ignored by the liberal media, which have basically been trying to linger on Enron and ridiculously trying to make it out to be a Bush scandal despite strong evidence that it is another Clinton scandal.

Like Enron, you have what appear to be top corporate bigwigs making out with millions. Gary Winnick made off with something in excess of 700 million dollars alone. That was more than the entire sum Enron Executives got put together. Global Crossing had its books audited by Arthur Andersen as well.

Global Crossing used schemes to inflate its stock value. One such scheme involved Clinton awarding them a lucrative contract worth 450 million dollars. When it was subsequently canceled under the next administration, the stock started going south.

The most important aspect is the ties between Global Crossing and the Democrats. There are connections to all of the familiar faces. The current DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe, former President Clinton, Senate Plurality leader Tom Daschle, and even Henry Waxman who was the lead pitchman for the attack on Bush trying to use Enron.

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