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Global Crossing Scandal
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Bill Clinton joined the agreement, combination, and conspiracy among the Director and Officer Defendants by inter alia accepting a $1 million gratuity from Winnick, GCL, and other Director and Officer Defendants, as a $1 million donation to his Presidential Library, in exchange for official actions, favorable treatment, and favors by the federal government in (a) ignoring the pump and dumpof GCLs stock; (b) ignoring the corruption of Pentagon officials into awarding the Contract; and (c) awarding the Contract to GCL or its affiliates despite grave national security problems in the possible transfer of technology, information, and unauthorized access to the Network to foreign entities and individuals (including inter alia Li, Hutchison, AGCL, and/or K1). 
Clinton is a direct participant, aider and abettor, and co-conspirator in the unlawful, unfair, and fraudulent acts, omissions, and schemes. (Source: Judicial Watch, May 6, 2002; "HOWARD B. THOMPSON, et. al. v. LI KA-SHING; GARY K. WINNICK,")

Ex-President Bill Clinton is said to have invited Global Crossing CEO Gary Winnick to his Super Bowl party last week, according to Tuesday's New York Post Page Six.

That would have been just about the same time questions began to swirl about Winnick's donations to Clinton and possible insider information given to Democratic Party chief Terry McAuliffe before Global Crossing collapsed last month. (Source: Newsmax, Feb. 12, 2002; "Global Crossing CEO Partied With Clinton"

Global Crossing was listed as one of the partners for the Clinton Presidential Center. (Source: Clinton Presidential Center, "Partners")